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Data Security

Online Data and Cyber Security Partners

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Making Data Safe: Online Data and Cyber Security

Secure access with SSO


No longer a ‘nice to have’ feature, Single Sign On (SSO) capability is essential for mitigating risk associated with data breaches, strengthening your cybersecurity and corporate compliance.

Our B2B Hub supports Single Sign On with Azure AD using SAML v2 standard, OTKA and Just-in-Time Provisioning.

Staff and management can seamlessly access your uniform ordering portal with just one login, safeguarding your data and reducing risk of data breaches.

Our digital implementation team work with you to configure SSO access to B2BHub ensuring a seamless and secure login process for your team.

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A commitment to data security underpins every aspect of our business.

All data from our online ordering system is hosted on Australian AWS servers. Our AWS infrastructure is further protected with the ongoing monitoring from AWS Guard Duty. All aspects of this infrastructure are behind a firewall, in a private subnet with specific routing restrictions, and no direct exposure to the outside world.

Access is strictly managed with the principle of least privilege, private keys, and specific users (non-shared) access accounts. Orders placed with credit/debit cards are processed using Stripe. Transactions are secure in transit and at rest. No credit card information is kept or stored by the online ordering system at any time.

We are fully integrated and protected by SecureStack which ensures a security first approach is applied at every stage of development and across all environments where code/data is managed, manipulated, stored, and processed.

Part of our employee induction process is security awareness training, all our developers are employed in-house and are required to complete regular security training.

Our Other Sustainability Pillars


  • Uniform Recycling

  • Zero Landfill

  • Zero Plastic



  • End to End Control

  • Supply Chain Compliance

  • Fibre Complaince



  • Diversity and Inclusion

  • Indigenous Partnerships

  • Community Partnerships

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