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Stock Management



Streamlined order retrieval and delivery

Our custom ERP technology is built on NetSuite using the power of their best-in-market leading practices.

The system allows our experienced team to oversee and control the movement of your orders through our state of the art distribution system.

Our ERP retrieves orders from your online ordering system at set time intervals where, depending on the pick, pack and dispatch requirements, orders are queued for processing.

Order information, such as estimated dispatch date (ETD) and order status, is passed between our ERP and online ordering system. Live stock levels are also passed between both systems.

Leveraging the power of AI, autonomous mobile robots and expertly trained staff, work in tandem to facilitate the pick process and ensure orders are packaged optimally. Once an order is picked and packed, a series of algorithms select the best freight carrier to ensure we meet our high delivery standards.

A consignment note or tracking number is assigned to the order. This link is passed back to our online ordering system and can be viewed and traced in real time on the Track Orders page.

Additional order status updates and notifications such as “On Board for Delivery” and “Delivered” are pulled through from our freight carriers tracking platforms to our online ordering portal. Users also receive timely and relevant email notifications throughout this process.

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Our seamless processing and AI-optimised pick, pack and dispatch, combined with timely delivery tracking ensures we deliver a superior logistics experience for your business.

Quick Accurate Robotic Pick

Our innovative, AI-enabled order fulfilment service means we can deliver an efficient, accurate and super fast order processing.

We have eight strategically located distribution facilities operational from 7am to 6 pm. Supported by AI powered autonomous robots in tandem with expertly trained staff, we ensure efficient, accurate, and rapid order processing. Our fulfilment partners send out an average 25,000 orders per day.

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Our "Never Out of Stock" Commitment

Our ERP technology does more than manage orders and distribution. Fully integrated with our AI driven stock forecasting technology, we are able to guarantee perpetual stock availability.

We understand the pain of backorders and delays in delivering orders to your business. Which is why our whole business is focused on ensuring we meet our Delivery in full and on time (DIFOT) KPI. Every department measures their contribution to and impact on this KPI weekly.

Our team knows never being out of stock starts with having the right data.
Starting with our Sales Account Managers who need to be completely across your unique needs in terms of previous
consumption and future trends.

Our Production team ensures ample quantities of raw materials, dyed fabric and trims are strategically maintained. Volumes, yields and quantities of these components are maintained in our ERP.

Our Operations team perform regular cycle counts and ensure accuracy in picking, packing and dispatching so stock on hand data in our ERP is accurate. Multiple data points from our ERP feed into an AI driven stock forecasting tool to meticulously predict demand.

Finally, this data guides our Purchasing team who are able to place timely and precise purchase orders, ensuring the consistent upkeep of agreed-upon stock levels.

Less SKUs, More Efficiency

We work with large organisations to strategic re-engineering their uniform range, to streamline the offering by consolidating SKUs into a more efficient selection.

This intentional simplification not provides an economy of scale and cost control, but also significantly reduces waste, aligning with our
commitment to sustainability.

Benefits of a more efficient uniform range
• Easier ordering for business and staff
• Less stock exposure
• Volume price reduction

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Fabric made from 50% recycled materials

As a Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certified business, we align ourselves with GRS certified factories ensuring our fabrics are made from a minimum of 50% recycled materials, and are produced in a way that reduces the environmental and social impacts associated with production.

GRS certified factories must provide transparent and accurate track and trace of recycled materials used in production throughout the entire supply chain. This includes documentation and records to ensure the integrity and authenticity of recycled content claims.

Our Other Sustainability Pillars


  • Uniform Recycling

  • Zero Plastic

  • Zero Landfill



  • Reducing Emissions

  • Carbon Offset

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  • Diversity and Inclusion

  • Indigenous Partnerships

  • Community Partnerships

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