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Online Ordering

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Making Life Simple for your Business
Our B2BHub is designed to take the stress out of uniform procurement. Think of it like a fully customisable extension of your own digital infrastructure, easily configured to meet your business needs.

Customised Portal Configured for Your Business

We work with you to completely customised our B2BHub to met your business requirements. We use your branding, colours, logo, imagery and provide a unique url for your business. The Home Page is personalised for each user to ensure your uniform ordering platform looks and feels like an extension of your own digital infrastructure.

This online ordering and order management system allows for different uniform offerings per brand, eligibility rules, payment and billing options. We ensure each user can only “see, do and have” what they need for their role. With users and their permissions managed via Role Based Access Controls.

B2B Hub customisation include:
• Specific authority levels
• Uniform program visibility by brand
• Uniform item availability by role
• Allocation entitlement by role
• Allocation entitlement reset rules
• Access to certain payment and shipping options
• Billing to business units &/or cost centres
• User management
• Delivery address management and more


Complete Visibility over Stock Allocation

Managers have full visibility of their teams uniform allocation entitlement, usage and annual reset.

Staff can request an increase to their uniform allocation. Line managers or budget holders can control these requests through an in-built approval process.

Email notifications keep staff and managers informed.


Real Time Self Service Reporting

Reports are developed to meet the needs of the business and can be customised to specific requirements upon request. We are able to provide the following reports:

SKU Spend                                                Cost Centre
• Sales by product / brand               •Sales by month / employee / product
• Returns by item / size                     •
Returns by item/location

Orders                                                        Overdue Deliveries

• No. of orders                                       • Total deliveries

• Status of orders                                 • Overdue deliveries by brand / state


• Stock on hand (SOH) by location

• SOH by SKU

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Making Life Easy for your Staff

Dedicated Customer Support Team

Our customer support team are based at Head Office and comprise of at least two dedicated members trained to handle large accounts.

Staff can submit an enquiry via the B2BHub Online Ordering portal. These enquiries are typically processed within 2 hours of an agent becoming available. We track response times using our internal systems and ensure customer support tickets are closed promptly.

A dedicated toll-free line and email address guarantee responses within 24 hours.

Service hours are 8:30 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. After hours or on public holidays, a Self Service chatbot can assist with frequently asked questions 24/7.

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Self Serve Support & Knowledge Hub

Your customised B2B portal includes a chatbot to assist your staff with navigating the portal.

The “how to” support articles are written with your staff in mind. This information contained in the Knowledge Hub are kept up to date and answer almost all staff questions.

When an article or chatbot can’t solve a more complex query, staff can raise a ticket to have their question or concern addressed in detail by a member of our Support team.

Easy Returns and Exchanges

Our B2BHub online ordering platform makes item to be returned the returns process easy. Simply find your order, select the items you wish to return and hit submit.

Once we receive the request, our Customer Service team will assess if the return is in line with the returns policy & provide the team member with a return shipping label.
As soon as the returned items are received by our warehouse team, a credit will be loaded onto the users B2BHub account to place a new order.

Return and exchange reasons:
• Incorrect Size
• Change of Mind
• Damaged in transit
• Faulty
• Incorrectly Ordered

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Pay Your Own Way

Users can choose to use their allocated uniform entitlement budget or pay for additional items with payroll deductions or credit card.

If required, your B2B Hub can be configured to send orders to Line Mangers for approval.

Authorised users can make orders on behalf of others and place bulk orders.

Payment methods:
• Credit Card
• On Account
• Allocation
• Payroll Deduction
• Afterpay

Our Other Sustainability Pillars


  • Uniform Recycling

  • Zero Plastic

  • Zero Landfill



  • Reducing Emissions

  • Carbon Offset

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  • Diversity and Inclusion

  • Indigenous Partnerships

  • Community Partnerships

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