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We deliver fit-for-purpose, safety conscious workwear that keeps your transport and automotive workers comfortable and protected, while offering reliable supply. Our clients have diverse uniform requirements, and we can comfortably cater to these including employee identification, high visibility, safety performance, high-tech body cooling and warming solutions. We also specialise in all light industry workwear uniforms.

Transport & Automotive Industry Uniform Specialists

Whether you are in air freight and logistics, airlines, marine, road and rail, automotive, or transportation infrastructure – each sector has different uniform requirements. We'll help make it simple for you. Well-designed and functional workwear is an essential form of identification and protection for your workforce.

Whether your workers are on or off the road, we are experts in delivering uniforms that meet all branding and safety requirements for the transport and automotive industries.

We proudly supply uniforms to these Transport & Automotive brands

Transport Stock Uniforms & Custom Uniforms

Our extensive stock uniform range offers high functionality, durability, comfort and style, combined with technical fabrics that are breathable and easy care – ideal for the transport and logistics industries. Our customisation capability also gives you a unique advantage, with the ability to custom manufacture high volume items in your transport workwear uniform program in order to incorporate specific branding requirements, fabric technology and leverage cost efficiencies.


Advantages of Custom Transport Uniforms

Beyond safety, custom workwear provides brands maximum flexibility to meet the specific needs of your staff, and infuses your transport brand into custom workwear to create real brand distinction in the market.

  • Match to your corporate colours

  • Add your corporate branding

  • Custom garment features and functional details

  • Customised hi-tech fabrics and treatments

  • Personalise with employee ID

  • Custom garment labels

Not Just Uniforms

Streamline your transport uniform procurement process. We can assist with:

  • custom workwear

  • uniform accessories

  • identification solutions

  • promotional apparel

  • merchandise

  • event signage

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Streamlining Your Transport & Automotive Uniform Procurement

We have a clear strategic advantage to the automotive and transport industries. Due to our wide service offering, uniform supply and manufacturing expertise, industry-leading uniform management platform and extensive procurement capability – we are your single source partner. We offer the biggest efficiencies to transport and automotive businesses with 50-1000+ staff, operating across multiple departments, locations or brands.

Easy Online Ordering

Our world class B2BHub Uniform Management Portal makes it easy to transition your transport and automotive uniform program to Total Uniform Solutions. Intuitively designed to make managing a uniform program across a large organisation easy, with maximum visibility over all aspects of stock forecasting, uniform entitlement, inventory management and expenditure. Request a Demo.


Uniform Recycling Program

We can also support your Corporate Social Responsibility objectives by offering a Transport Uniform Recycling Program to recycle used workwear and avoid them ending up in landfill.

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In-house Embellishment

With in-house embellishment capability and our on-demand ordering – we offer an effective way of reducing costs and ensuring transport staff receives their orders to specification and on-time.

Reliable Dispatch & Delivery

Logistics and Transport companies can work with us in a number of ways. We offer either company-owned warehousing solutions or 3PL for larger companies, each with Pick Pack Post service. 

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Daimler Trucks


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Our experienced team are ready to help transport companies execute a more successful, cost effective and practical uniform program that meets all safety requirements. Get in touch today.