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ANSIC is privately owned and operated, specialising in providing private investigation, risk management and security solutions across Australia. 


Alongside their advanced security solutions, the team at ANSIC also provide static and commercial security services, including hospitality security. 

For the past 5 years, Total Uniform Solutions have been working with the team at ANSIC. Before they came to us, they didn’t have a formal uniform and the branding wasn’t represented anywhere on the garment. The team were buying their own garments, which was resulting in wide variances in the team look across the business.

ANSIC needed support on how to integrate a uniform into the business, comply with the specific requirements from Liquor & Gaming, and find a way to embellish their logo emblem which posed reproduction challenges. 

Security uniforms need to distinguish the wearer within the community and position them as a person of authority and safety. With strong capability in security uniform development, as well as embellishment experts, Total Uniform Solutions were well-positioned to help. 

"In the 5 years we’ve been working with them, Total Uniform Solutions have proven to be reliable, understand our industry, and customise our uniform to suit our needs and meet industry regulations. It’s helped us distinguish ourselves with our clients, and stand out. We continue to be impressed with the product quality, delivery times and brand consistency across the board". – Trent Sowry, ANSIC Operations Manager

Features of the uniform, such as badges, epaulettes, and printed reflective taping were some of the specialised items that need to be delivered. Being experts in the security industry, a big advantage of Total Uniform Solutions is we can manufacture all of these items, and more, eliminating the need for clients like ANSIC to use multiple suppliers. 

In order to preserve the tonality in the logo’s emblem in the badges, the production of the emblem was done in bulk through our specialised embellishment facility using SupaColour – a cost-effective and high-quality heat transfer. The text component of the badge was embroidered, and together with the SupaColour emblem, is assembled and appliquéd to the garments onsite in our local Brisbane factory. This embellishment treatment not only allowed us to match the colours and achieve the complex shading in the emblem, and when combined with embroidery resulted in a multi-dimensional badge.

The ANSIC uniform program primarily features specialised security shirts with custom badging, epaulettes and printed reflective 3M tape for night visibility. Custom polo shirts, ties, high vis vests and jackets – all featuring the ANSIC branding – complete the look.

Learn more about our custom security uniforms, promotional merchandise, logistics and uniform program management solutions and contact us Total Uniform Solutions today for an initial consultation.  Call 1300UNIFORM or email for more information.


Security uniforms need to distinguish the wearer within the community and position them as a person of authority and safety. 

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