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Addressing greenhouse gas emissions and energy usage

The World Resources Institute developed the Scope System through the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. Scope 1, 2 and 3 are ways of categorising the different kinds of carbon emissions a company creates in its own operations, and the wider supply chain.

Our main sources of Scope 1 and 2 emissions are from direct operations like transport fuel and electricity. We are committed to mitigating our environmental impact by purchasing electricity from renewable energy sources, reducing our carbon footprint and fostering cleaner operations within our business. Indirect Scope 3 emissions account for 90% of our total output. Our solution involves a comprehensive assessment of indirect greenhouse gases emitted throughout our entire supply chain, covering raw material extraction, transportation, manufacturing, product use, and disposal.

We are committed to address all three scopes to minimise our environmental impact and positively contribute to the global climate agenda. Proactively managing these emissions, moves us towards a greener, more sustainable future


Carbon offset with the Aboriginal Carbon Foundation

Aboriginal Carbon Foundation is a 100% Aboriginal owned not-for-profit established in 2010 to create economic independence for First Nations peoples through a variety of innovative solutions, including carbon farming opportunities and cultural fire credits.

The Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) we purchase go towards:

  • Supporting elders to share traditional ecological knowledge with young people.

  • Protecting rock art and sacred sites.

  • Protecting the environment by Indigenous-led land management.

  • Supporting meaningful employment that aligns with the interests and values of Traditional Owners.

  • Contributing to the increased pride and self-esteem of Indigenous people.

  • Supporting local jobs and invest in the local economy.

  • Rewarding good stewardship of land and waters.

  • Acknowledging farmers working with Traditional Owners to look after country.

  • Supporting engagement with local Natural Resource Management bodies and community organisations

We acknowledge our responsibility to reduce our emissions and contribute to a sustainable future. Our mission is to achieving carbon neutrality.

Our Other Sustainability Pillars


  • Uniform Recycling

  • Zero Landfill

  • Zero Plastic



  • End to End Control

  • Supply Chain Compliance

  • Fibre Complaince



  • Diversity and Inclusion

  • Indigenous Partnerships

  • Community Partnerships

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