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Uniform Recycling

Dispose of Your Corporate Uniforms Responsibly

✔ Keep uniforms out of landfill

✔ Reduce a garment’s carbon footprint

✔ Mitigate security risks

✔ Great CSR Initiative

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Avoid Landfill With Uniform Recycling

Total Uniform Solutions can help develop a tailored Uniform Recycling Program for your company’s old uniforms. This is a great way to enhance your responsible business practices. 


Our textile recycling program gives companies a solution for their old, damaged and unwanted work uniforms – and avoid landfill.

What is textile recycling?

There are many ways to recycle textiles. Our recycling program utilises the following methods: 

  • Mechanically shredding down textile items into a fibrous form to be used in the domestic and international market. These fibres can then be spun back into yarn to be woven or knitted into fabric.

  • Mechanically shred the garment into rags to be repurposed. End uses include padding for chairs, car seats, general vehicle upholstery, carpet underlays, floor matting, insulation, and cleaning rags.

  • De-branding and re-distributing the garment into local or international second-hand clothing markets.

These methods are a great way to keep unwanted pre and post consumer textiles and your uniforms out of landfill.


What is the cost of recycling?


The cost of disposing of your corporate uniforms responsibly falls under the responsibility of the business wanting a solution for their unwanted textiles. Given textile recycling is an external cost, there are logistics and infrastructure overheads that are involved. As your recycling partner, the costs of our program will be an equal contribution from both your organisation (as part of your Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives) and ours.

Risks of not disposing uniforms correctly


Beyond the environmental impact, the other consideration is business security. Responsible disposal of uniforms needs to be considered to avoid the garments being re-used inappropriately. Discarded uniforms may be used to impersonate your staff and gain unauthorised entry into your business – which is not only a safety risk but can erode the community’s trust in your brand.

Foggy Forest

It's our responsibility to encourage businesses to consider the impact of their uniforms on the environment.

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