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Recycling uniforms back into uniforms

In textile recycling, a major cost is removing unsuitable components. We offer design-for-disassembly solutions. Using smart stitch heat dissolvable thread, we can remove branding, trims, buttons, zips, or labels enabling the recycling of up to 90% of a uniform. This effective disassembly enables faster, more cost effective reuse or upcycling of end of use uniforms.

Recycling Efficiency

This debranding process extends beyond innovative thinking and eco-friendly manufacturing; it provides substantial safety and security benefits. Preventing unauthorised access to old branded uniforms, this plays a crucial role in thwarting potential impersonation attempts, reinforcing security posture for our customers.

Circular Economy

Our end-to-end ecosystem for unwanted uniforms represents a unique opportunity for active participation in global shift towards a circular economy. Working alongside customers and production partners, we are dedicated to turning fabric back into fabric and uniforms back into uniforms.

We offers textile recycling on an industrial scale. Through strategic innovations in the assembly and disassembly processes of uniforms, we empowers brands to consider a truly circular approach to uniform manufacturing.


Zero plastic products, packaging and distribution

Our waste reduction strategy aims to deliver a 93% cut in plastics by 2025.

Plastic Free Products

We have eliminated plastic from every uniform by removing:

  • swing tags and hang labels

  • polyester woven labels

  • silica gel packets

  • lining paper sheets

  • plastic garment clips

  • collar stands and neck stays



cut in plastics
by 2025

Plastic Free Packaging

We are phasing out single-use poly bags in favour of easily recyclable paper-based alternatives. FSC™ certified peel and seal paper bags protect garments from dirt, dust and moisture throughout the supply chain. With 1 million+ uniform items produced and sold every year, that’s a lot of plastic being kept out of landfill. Our packaging innovations underscore our dedication to cutting down on plastics and aligns with Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) sustainability objectives.

Plastic Free Distribution

Introduction of multi packs allows us to optimise our distribution, cutting down on individual shipments, resulting in significant packaging savings and elimination of plastics. Additionally, our periodic order process streamlines operations and reduces environmental impact. Not only does this benefit the environment, it also reduces the number of cartons and packs we dispatch providing our customers with a significant logistics advantage. Our packaging innovations and automated order consolidation represents a win-win for the environment and our customers.

we diverted

175 000

Kilograms of uniforms
from landfill

Zero uniforms in landfill

Last year, we diverted 175,000kg of used uniforms from landfill through our Uniform Recycling Program reHASH (re#).

How? Working with our local recycling partners, we can turn shredded fabric into a range of products including carpet underlay, sporting equipment and new fabric. This process gives companies peace of mind knowing their used uniforms are being kept from landfill, reducing their carbon footprint and mitigating any security risks associated with discarding branded uniforms.

Our next step is to introduce social enterprise labor for efficient deconstruction of garments and acquire separation machines. In collaboration with Hong Kong University, we plan to establish a unique textile recycling initiative, aiming to acquire our own Green Machine for end of life blended textile separation and recycling through hydrothermal treatment.

Our Other Sustainability Pillars


  • End to End Control

  • Supply Chain Compliance

  • Fibre Complaince



  • Reducing Emissions

  • Carbon Offset

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  • Diversity and Inclusion

  • Indigenous Partnerships

  • Community Partnerships

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