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Our People



Inclusivity is part of our fabric

We celebrate diversity and inclusion. It’s integrated into all aspects of our business. We embrace and foster neuro-diversity, diversity in ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age and abilities. We are dedicated to continuously enhancing inclusivity and accessibility in our workplace. Our team environment is one of collaboration, trust, and shared goals where open communication is fostered and innovative bluesky thinking is encouraged. We celebrate wins together and embrace challenges as opportunities. Our team members feel a sense of belonging, knowing they make a positive difference to our business and our customers.

Fostering Female Leadership

Having a leadership team made up of 83% females brings diverse perspectives, inclusive decision-making, and empathy to the forefront. This fosters innovation, collaboration, and role modeling, leading to enhanced performance, employee satisfaction, and a culture of equality and empowerment.

Our regional subsidiary “Pacific Uniforms” is dedicated to fostering female leadership, exemplified by the remarkable journeys of Dia Udu and Taina Vele. Beginning their careers in entry level positions, Dia Udu and Taina Vele are now joint country managers. Their accomplishments highlight our commitment to providing career progression and support for women within the organisation, particularly in roles traditionally dominated by males.

We takes great pride in cultivating an inclusive environment where talent, irrespective of gender, is recognised and nurtured, contributing to a diverse and empowered leadership landscape.

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“Being part of this company has made a significant impact on my career, my life, and the lives of my family.” – Dia Udu

Creating opportunities for First Nations people


Our vision is to be a leader in reconciliation within the corporate uniform industry, promoting respect understanding and opportunities for First Nations people.

We work with Liz Maloney, a talented Gamilaroi artist from Gunnedah, who uses her art to educate the world about her people, country and culture. Liz is employed to create custom artworks for major partners. Her ability to narrate personal stories through art, exemplifies the profound impact Indigenous artists can have in educating the world. We also collaborate with indigenous artists in Papua New Guinea and New Zealand to incorporate appropriate symbolic designs into corporate and teamwear uniforms.

This commitment to showcasing Indigenous talent, aligns with our dedication to fostering cultural awareness and supporting diverse communities.

Community partnerships

Rosies Friends on the Street, is a not-for-profit volunteer-driven organisation whose primary focus involves providing companionship to those in need, particularly individuals who are homeless, at risk of homelessness, disadvantaged, or socially isolated via their outreach program.

We support Rosies by supplying their uniforms and fundraising merchandise. Our staff also volunteer as part of their outreach program in Brisbane.


Mimi’s House is an innovative early intervention program partnering with primary schools in at-risk areas in Queensland to support the social, emotional and physical development of children from prep to grade 5. The areas it supports traditionally have very low graduation rates, as low as 33% vs. the national average of 80%. The program was developed to directly address these children’s need for support.

Every year, our staff and business supports Mimi’s House through participation in the annual Kilometres for Kids fun walk and supplying participant t-shirts and merchandise for the event.

Kiva is a unique organisation dedicated to creating a financially inclusive world, empowering individuals by providing access to financial support to help underserved communities thrive.

We recently lent Manija in Tajikistan, the money to purchase an embroidery sewing machine to improve the quality of her work. She has worked selling women's clothing for a period of three years and sews traditional embroidery on dresses.

We are proud to support Analita, a woman living in the Philippines with 5 children. Analita runs a business buying and selling clothes, with the goal of being able to send her children to college.


Our Other Sustainability Pillars


  • Uniform Recycling

  • Zero Plastic

  • Zero Landfill



  • End to End Control

  • Supply Chain Compliance

  • Fibre Compliance



  • Reducing Emissions

  • Carbon Offset

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