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Fit-For-Purpose Healthcare Uniforms

Well-designed uniforms not only unify your team, but also reflect your brand and play a big part in your patient or resident's experience. We understand how the medical and healthcare industries function – including the various hierarchies, safety regulations and logistics that need to be considered.

Experts in Healthcare Uniforms

Total Uniform Solutions are uniform and PPE experts for the Australian Healthcare industry, including private and public hospitals, aged care, community care organisations, medical specialists, dentists and allied health practitioners (such as pathology, imaging, cosmetic surgery, physiotherapists, rehabilitation specialists).

Working with Total Uniform Solutions to deliver QScan’s uniform program has been a positive one, with excellent account management, attentiveness, support and understanding of the needs healthcare businesses face. I would not hesitate to recommend Total Uniform Solutions to any business – especially those in the healthcare sector.

Lizzy Herbert | Human Resources Coordinator | Qscan Group

Healthcare Uniform Programs


Quality Healthcare Uniforms

Our healthcare uniform range includes scrubs, tunics, coats, shirts and tops, knitwear, outerwear and more. Fabric innovation, uniquely suited to the healthcare sector, includes flexible, anti-wrinkle, anti-microbial and odour reduction and water and oil repellent properties.


Client Focussed

Our customer is at the heart of our process. We are proud to enjoy long-term relationships with our clients, some spanning over 10 years. Our team will work with your uniform brief and ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience end-to-end.


Extensive Range

We have a strong reputation for quality healthcare uniforms, affordability and timeliness of delivery. We offer a large range of sizing options to ensure your team gets the best fit. We are also specialists in name badges, ID solutions and custom uniform accessories.


Australian Manufacturing

With decades of inhouse embellishment experience, we can facilitate local manufacturing to embellish garments, at scale, to specification and achieving the finest quality and detail.


Easy Online Ordering

Our world class B2BHub Uniform Management Portal makes it easy to transition your healthcare uniform program to Total Uniform Solutions. Intuitively designed to make managing a uniform program across a large organisation easy, with maximum visibility over all aspects of stock forecasting, uniform entitlement, inventory management and expenditure. 


Uniform Recycling Program

Sustainability is an important factor across all facets of our business. We are proud to offer a Uniform Recycling Program to responsibly dispose of old corporate uniforms and textiles to avoid them ending up in landfill.


Client Results

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Benevolent Living


Torbay Lifestyles

​Interested in Working With Us?

We are experts at navigating complex uniform program requirements such as multiple locations, brands or business units. Get advice from an experienced uniform consultant about your healthcare uniform program.

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