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QScan Group

Total Uniform Solutions has recently secured a contract with Qscan Radiology and North Coast Radiology to deliver their clinical and corporate uniforms.


Falling under the Qscan Group, these brands specialise in diagnostic medical imaging and interventional practice across South-East Queensland and Australia. With upwards of 800 staff, two distinct brands, each with five departments ranging from clinical, clerical, head office, marketing and leadership, Qscan Group previously had to manage three separate uniform suppliers to fit out their large team. As expected, liaising with multiple suppliers presented many challenges such as time and cost inefficiencies.

Qscan Group came to T.U.S looking for a more streamlined process for ordering uniforms that ultimately gave their employees more control and accountability, whilst also minimising expenditure risk to the business. They were also looking for continuity of quality and supply, and a centralised ordering process – which is almost impossible to manage when sourcing from multiple suppliers. 

After understanding more about how the previous uniforms were designed and what opportunities for improvement there were, T.U.S guided Qscan Group through different garment styles and technical fabric options that would best suit the various functions of their business. After all, a uniform needs to be fit-for-purpose, suitable and safe for the specific role. Being experts in hospital and medical uniforms, we understood the nuanced aspects of the uniform program that would be extremely beneficial to Qscan Group’s employees.

After conducting a series of in-depth styling consultations, T.U.S delivered and created a wide selection of uniforms that were tailored to each brand and department in Qscan Group’s business. Ranging from admin staff with customised neck scarfs, to embroidered uniforms across the business and supplying employees with 3-4 tops to choose from, T.U.S was able to reduce Qscan Group’s supplier count from three to one, ensure consistent branding and quality across their businesses and ultimately give each brand a distinctive look. T.U.S has successfully created a mini capsule wardrobe for Qscan’s staff, promoting individuality and allowing their staff to combine their favourite pieces depending on style and fit, all whilst remaining true to the brand.

With the roll-out of the B2BHub Uniform Management platform, Qscan employees were each given a login and an annual allowance – relevant to their role and employment status. Staff are able to directly order uniforms without going through management or HR – which alleviates hours of additional work for managers each week. T.U.S also warehouse and manage the stock levels of Qscan Group's uniforms, allowing their team to receive their uniforms in as little as 2 days upon ordering through their portal. The uniform ordering process is straightforward, it saves staff time, reduces the stress of ensuring that they're wearing the correct uniform and all uniform orders can be delivered to their choice of clinic.

Lizzy Herbert, Human Resources Coordinator at Qscan Group had this to say about their experience... "Working with Total Uniform Solutions to deliver QScan's uniform program has been a positive one, with excellent account management, attentiveness, support and understanding of the needs healthcare businesses face. Kasey, our account manager, takes on board our suggestions and requests and provides proactive service, and the team are genuinely focussed on constant improvement of the infrastructure that supports the delivery of our uniforms. Kasey proves that she is actively working on our requests with regular communication, which eliminates stress at our end. We've been impressed by the B2BHub online ordering portal customer service, and not one employee complaint about their interactions via the support channels. Overall, the uniforms have been well-received across the business and are providing strong recognition for our brand. I would not hesitate to recommend Total Uniform Solutions to any business – especially those in the healthcare sector".

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Overall, the uniforms have been well-received across the business and are providing strong recognition for our brand. I would not hesitate to recommend Total Uniform Solutions to any business – especially those in the healthcare sector.

Lizzy Herbert | Human Resources Coordinator | Qscan Group

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