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Anytime Fitness

Total Uniform Solutions began working with a franchise owner within the Anytime Fitness group to develop their Club Membership Packs and promotional apparel. Initially, they thought their experience would be selecting some products out of a catalogue and getting their logo printed on them. They couldn’t be more wrong!

When Anytime Fitness multi-club franchisee learned about our extensive experience in apparel and merchandise customisation, they knew they could create something special for their members.

Because of Total Uniform Solutions’ strong manufacturing focus, our client was offered the opportunity to customise the items to their exact specifications – while still maintaining a conservative budget. First, we listened to their needs and developed a deep understanding of what their vision was for these items. We got a handle on what other clubs were doing and what the corporate guidelines were. Our client wanted the Pack to be different and unique to other Anytime Fitness clubs – but still meet group brand guidelines. Everything had to meet a high-quality standard, and of course, be really useful to members. And, of course,  it had to look cool!


We worked with our client to choose items which had features that satisfied most of what they were after – and then we customised the rest. Because of our long-term manufacturing relationships, we were able to easily (and cost-effectively) add extra pockets to the bag and adjust the side pocket to fit an iPhone… something that may seem inconsequential but showed a good understanding of their customers needs and preferences. We were able to change zips to match their corporate colours and add elegant details like an Anytime Fitness branded silicone zipper tag.


We sourced, and embellished, water bottles, lanyards and training towels – all matched beautifully to work as a cohesive set and embellished in high quality and durable techniques such as thermal printing and embroidery.

One of the best things about branded merchandise is its powerful ability to promote your business. Done well, merchandise can become a walking billboard for your business and when they are adopted as part of someone’s lifestyle they are inadvertently endorsing your brand whenever they use them.


Matthew Doughty, franchise owner of four Anytime Fitness clubs in Brisbane said this of the experience. “Honestly, I thought I had an idea of what we needed when I started working with Total Uniform Solutions but they not only helped me achieve this, but they added so much extra value that I wasn’t expecting. I thought customising a product would be a really expensive option, but T.U.S showed me how we can make important changes to the items within a very reasonable budget.


The whole pack was delivered very economically and given we are giving these packs away to members, we did need to be mindful of the overall costs to the business. T.U.S had that at the forefront of their mind the whole time, so that gave me a lot of peace of mind.


The process was really easy, fun and we’ve delivered a result I am really proud of.” Following the success of these Membership Packs, our client has begun wholesaling them to other franchised clubs across the country. Total Uniform Solutions are managing the entire manufacturing process and providing logistical support with warehousing and split delivery dispatch.


Our clients are managing the process via their online VIP portal, which saves them time and helps keep on top of stock levels.

Learn more about our custom uniforms, promotional merchandise, logistics and uniform program management solutions and contact us Total Uniform Solutions today for an initial consultation.  Call 1300UNIFORM or email for more information.

Honestly, I thought I had an idea of what we needed when I started working with Total Uniform Solutions but they not only helped me achieve this, but they added so much extra value that I wasn’t expecting. 

Matthew Doughty  l  Anytime Fitness Franchise Owner

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