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How to get the most wear from your uniform and keep it looking good while minimising the environmental impact. 

Product Quality


At TUS, we design with classic style and quality in mind. We want your employees to wear our uniforms - and look good in them - for years to come. That’s why all our custom-made, and own-brand garments go through rigorous testing at the fabric, in-line, and final QC stages. Here are some of the things we test.

Fabric Testing:

Our priority is to deliver high-quality products protecting the health & safety of our customers. We are committed to only sourcing fabrics that can meet the Australian or ISO testing requirements for end-use, including colour fastness and antimicrobial activity. Here are some of the tests we commonly do:

  • Dimensional Stability to Washing (AS 2001.5.4)

  • Snagging Resistance (ASTM D5362)

  • Pilling Resistance (ISO 12945-2)

  • Colour Fastness to Washing (AS 2001.4.15)

  • Tensile Strength (AS 2001.2.3.1)

  • Antimicrobial Activity (ISO 20743)

Fabric Inspection:

Great products start with great materials. At TUS we require our suppliers to conduct fabric inspections before the manufacturing of the final products.  This helps us minimise possible defects at later stages of production.   

In-line Inspection:

Takes place when less than 50% of the production has been completed. This inspection approach enables us to check the level of quality of your order and help us identify possible corrective actions that can help improve the quality of the final order.

Final Inspection:

This the most common type of inspection and it happens right before a production order is dispatched. TUS uses an accredited third part to complete an AQL 2.5, level II final inspection. This inspection helps us identify any differences between the final product and the customer specifications, such as quality, compliance, measurements, and packaging. If any differences are identified, an action plan is created with the factory to remedy the difference, and deliver a high quality product. 

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