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Envigor is a home care service provider that delivers local, personalised care services and support. As well as offering home care services within individual home environments, Envigor also supports people living in retirement communities. In partnership with Seasons Aged Care, the Envigor team provides on-site 24/7 services to many of the Seasons Communities.


Before transitioning their uniform program to Total Uniform Solutions, Envigor was operating their uniform program in a highly manual way – including manual order forms and manual tracking or employee expenditure. As they were procuring their uniform range from multiple suppliers, they had a lot of issues getting the correct size, and no way to exchange garments to get the right size.

After several consultations, our team had a full understanding of their needs in order to make recommendations that would significantly increase the uniform program management efficiency and profitability.

We designed a uniform range that took into account each job role to ensure the various roles and departments were not only easily recognisable but also fit for purpose. We used a colour system to help their clients distinguish the different job roles of the team. With the exception of their fully custom polo shirt which we manufactured specially for Envigor, their entire uniform range was selected from our stock service uniform range. This enabled cost efficiency, with each garment customised with the Envigor logo through our in-house embroidery service.

The custom polo shirt is manufactured specifically for Envigor, giving them a distinctive and highly recognisable look in the community. Total Uniform Solutions also provides uniforms for Envigor’s residential aged care partners, Seasons Aged Care.

Once the uniform range design was finalised, and we had a clear picture of the organisational hierarchy and rules around how Envigor wanted to manage their uniform program, the range was launched on their online ordering portal. Here individual staff could log in and order from the items that had been assigned to their role/department.


Each staff member was allocated a uniform budget which could be used when ordering their uniform. Our online ordering portal boasts sophisticated uniform expenditure features, so Envigor managers now have total control over the cost of the uniform program to the business, eliminating the manual process and ensuring the budget never exceeds the annual budget set.

The result? Reduced administration costs, reduced wastage of ill-fitting uniforms because staff were now able to easily exchange an incorrectly ordered size for the right size through the online ordering portal. The online garment measuring tools in the portal also further reduced the instances of incorrect size ordering.

Learn more about our custom uniforms, promotional merchandise, logistics and uniform program management solutions and contact us Total Uniform Solutions today for an initial consultation.  Call 1300UNIFORM or email for more information.

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The custom polo shirt is manufactured specifically for Envigor, giving them a distinctive and highly recognisable look in the community.

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