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Every direct and indirect overseas supplier must sign and follow the TUS Supplier Code of Conduct.


At TUS we carefully analyse and identify  all new prospect suppliers. Before engaging in business we ensure they adhere to our Sustainability and Ethical Compliance requirements.


We have an onboarding protocol that helps us ensure no information is missed when establishing relationships with new suppliers. 

We are a Sedex member and only accept one-year-old SMETA audits or equivalent BSCI and SA8000. 

Supply Chain Visibility

We have successfully mapped Tier 1 and  2  of our supply chain,  with Tier 3 and  4 traceability in progress. We have successfully mapped and recorded a database of all our key garment manufacturers and the fabric mills for all our key products and services. Our goal in the next 2 years is to identify and map all key Tier 4 suppliers in our supply chain.

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