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Frequently Asked Questions

Sustainability FAQs

Total Uniform Solutions has a responsibility for the workers and the environment that are impacted by our products. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions we receive about our Ethical and Sustainability practices. 


What happens to my uniforms when they're recycled?

Currently, uniforms that are recycled can go into multiple different end products. Some examples of these are:

- Floor underlay
- Boxing bags
- Insulation
- Mattresses

We are currently running trials to move towards a more circular model. You can follow along on the 'Sustainability' section of our website, which is updated monthly with new information.

Do you use recycled fabrics in your uniforms?

We offer the option of recycled fabrics such as recycled polyester. Ultimately, it is up to the client to decide which fabric they would like to move ahead with based on the recommendations of their account manager, needs of their uniform program, and own preferences.

We need our uniforms de-branded before they are recycled - can you organise that?

TUS understands the safety risk of old, discarded uniforms. Our recycling program is a great way to ensure secure destruction. Uniforms either have branding removed before recycling, or are shredded so that the logos are no longer recognisable or useable. Certificates of destruction can be provided.

Do our uniforms end up in landfill?

No - uniforms that are collected for recycling are recycled. We only work with trusted and certified recycling partners that are doing the right thing, and recycling what they say they will. 

Can TUS recycle accessories such as shoes, lanyards and backpacks?
Yes. We are able to up-cycle shoes in pairs, and recycle accessories such as bags and lanyards. 



What certifications TUS factories have?
TUS manufacturing partners are currently undergoing a thorough ethical review. TUS works with a select group of key suppliers, who already hold audits and certifications including Sedex SMETA, Amfori BSCI, and SA8000. Our suppliers have agreed to and signed our Supplier Code of Conduct, and are currently undergoing 3rd party inspections to update their pre-existing audits. The updated inspections are being done with the Sedex SMETA methodology. 

Where are TUS products made?
TUS own brand products are made with a select group of key suppliers, predominantly based in China. Our long standing relationships, Supplier Code of Conduct, 3rd party audits, and factory visits help us ensure our products are being manufactured in safe, ethical factories.

Who audits TUS factories?
TUS predominantly works with Eurofins to audit our factories. In the case that a factory already has an audit completed by another accredited 3rd party, it is accepted to avoid audit fatigue.
How do you package TUS products?
TUS own brand products are moving towards more sustainable packaging options in 2021. Our first step is to replace traditional poly-bags with 100% recycled, and recyclable bags, or in some instances we  avoid using plastic garments bags entirely. This decision has been made under the guidance of a Circular Economy expert. TUS has also made the decision to reduce unnecessary waste, by eliminating swing tags on the majority of our items. Please note, our pre-existing stock will have no change, as it is better to use what is already made.

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