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6 Things to Consider When Planning the Perfect Corporate Gift…

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

When procuring gifts, you need to think strategically about who the gift is going to, and how they will perceive it. Here are six things to consider in the planning stages and to ensure your brief to your supplier is as clear as possible. Happy gifting!

1. Define your recipients. Are they internal or external?

Internal recipients are your members of staff. External recipients are any clients, either past, present or prospective, and anyone who is involved with your organisation in any other way aside from forming a part of the organisation itself.

2. What are their demographics?

Consider age, gender and location. Location is important! If they live across the country, think about a gift that will travel easily – that means nothing too heavy, bulky or fragile. Another tip: don’t send anything that could melt or be affected by temperature or that could be damaged during transport!

3. What are their interests?

A thoughtful gift that reflects the interests of your recipient goes a long way in building relationships. Try to understand what kind of gift would be meaningful to your target audience or type of client and design a solution around that.

4. What is the occasion?

Is the gift for a holiday or specific season? Is it to celebrate a special occasion? Or even just a thank you gift? Some gifting occasions that might be relevant to your business are:

  • Branded customer merchandise

  • Conference / trade show giveaways

  • Christmas / Easter gifts

  • Client / vendor thank you gifts

  • Gift baskets

  • Employee induction packs

  • Brand launches

  • Employee recognition

  • Staff travel packs

  • Birthdays

  • Special events

  • Personalised gifts

  • Reward programs / incentive gifts

5. How will you customise your gift?

All of Total Uniform Solutions' gifting items can be personalised. Before making any decisions, ask yourself how branding this item will affect the value of the gift? Use clever design to integrate your brand onto the item in a sophisticated yet eye-catching way.

6. How will you package your gift?

Customised packaging can make a memorable first impression. We can source an extensive range of packaging, from customised boxes, bags, wrapping paper, ribbon – all in a range of materials. Try getting creative and give the packaging a long-term use as well! Instead of a traditional basket in your hamper, consider an esky, tote bag, or metal bucket like the example opposite.

If you want some more inspiration on corporate gifts or promotional items, check out Total Uniform Solutions' Ultimate Guide to Growing Your Business with Corporate Gifting. It's jam-packed with 300+ gift ideas and tips on how to use corporate gifting to promote your business.

If you want to get in touch with a Total Uniform Solutions sales rep to discuss your gifting program, call us on +61 7 3666 0110 or email

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