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Boutique Hotels on the Rise in Australia

Rooftop bars, quirky decor, and unique experiences? We’re sold! The presence of upscale boutique hotels in Australia is ever-growing. Many travellers are now opting to stay in boutique hotels to get an individual experience – and where there is demand, there will be supply. Nearly 6,500 new rooms, estimated to be worth over $2 billion, were built in Australia throughout the 2018 financial year, showing no sign of the industry slowing down.

Spicers Sangoma Retreat

So what is a boutique hotel? Boutique hotels are smaller hotels or other accommodation properties that have unique differences from large-scale hotel chains such as rooftop movie theatres, and offer guests experiences that connect them to the local culture. Examples of such properties include Spicers Retreats, Calile Hotel New Farm, and IHG’s Voco Hotel.

With so many newcomers to the market, Brisbane is quickly becoming a hotspot for boutique hotels. Recently opened, The Calile Hotel in New Farm brings a $100 million “urban resort” to the heart of Brisbane – and the result is a stunning iconic destination that is quintessentially Brisbane. Brisbane is quickly building a reputation as a world class travel destination. Similarly, Total Uniform Solutions continue to grow our reputation in the hospitality industry for being specialists in on-trend corporate uniform programs for upscale boutique hotels.

The Calile Hotel, New Farm

Boutique hotel branding doesn’t stop at room design. Every detail needs to be considered and first impressions are critical. Research shows that it takes just one-tenth of a second for that imprint to register. That's where we come in. We help our hospitality clients extend their brand concept into a corporate uniform in a way that is practical, comfortable, allows staff to feel confident, differentiates the brand in the market and brings a modern and fashion-forward approach to hospitality uniforms. With clients like Voco Hotels, Spicers Retreats, The Calile Hotel and Spirit Hotels Group, you can expect nothing but excellence.

If you are looking to put the finishing touches on your company’s branding, or wanting to refresh your branding for 2019 and beyond, contact the team at Total Uniform Solutions for some inspiration and guidance.

For more information, or to schedule a Uniform Style Consultation, please call us on 1300 86 43 676 or email us on


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