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The No. 1 Sin Companies Commit When Rebranding...

Uniforms are often one of the last things that is considered during a rebrand or venue fit-out. Make sure your halo is shining bright when you undergo a rebrand. Read on and get the uniform component right.

A well planned, stylish uniform can make a world of difference, with the power to leave a strong brand impression and improving employees attitude towards their job.

Uniforms are often overlooked as critical brand touchpoint and are frequently left to the last minute. However, a rebrand is a fantastic opportunity to re-engage staff with the brand and foster a sense of belonging that has been proven to impact performance. A uniform can say who you are, what you’re about, and where your company is going.

Given the time it takes to design and manufacture a uniform range, it’s worth getting started as early as possible. It’s important to work with a quality uniform supplier that is experienced in not only delivering uniforms, but also the logistics, quality control and embellishment that contribute to a successful uniform rollout. Understanding your brief, the market sector you operate in, your competitors, and the physical working environment is imperative to achieving the best solutions for your budget.

Here's some tips to consider when planning your new uniform program:

  • Consider the different body shapes of your employees - you want the uniform to fit well on everyone.

  • Create a uniform that is consistent with your brand colours, but not overwhelming. Try to stick to three colours or less. Remember that while your corporate colour might be really bright and vibrant, it may not look good worn against a range of skin tones.

  • Have flexible options with the basics that make up your uniform. Take bottoms for example, allow staff to choose from a few styles of pants or skirts to ensure the style is the most complimentary to their body shape. This allows employees to have some control over what they wear so they feel more confident.

  • Ensure garments can be altered or custom ordered for that perfect fit.

  • Give your team members an opportunity to get fitted or try on size samples before ordering. This will decrease the chance of ill-fitting or wrong sizing being ordered – which may impact costs and lead times.

  • Be prepared – think about what you want your company to achieve, and how your team should dress to reflect this.

  • Think about the activities your staff will be performing in their uniforms, and choose garments and fabric that will support that.

  • Consider accessories. Would belts, ties and pocket squares, scarves, cufflinks or shoes help to complete the look?

  • How will your staff be identified to customers? Will you need name badges?

Another area of uniform procurement that is important, but easily overlooked, is stock forecasting and management. A uniform supplier that is experienced with larger scale projects will be able to demonstrate their forecasting tool, make recommendations for minimum order quantities, as well as indicate lead times, product lifespan, and appropriate stock levels. Accurate stock level forecasting is important, as it can minimise both cost and lead time, and ensuring items are in stock, in the right sizes, when you need them, is a key service requirement.

For any company considering a rebrand, the uniform is an opportunity to instantly distinguish your brand in the marketplace.

It is a cost effective marketing strategy, designed to create a memorable brand image. New uniforms are the finishing touch that bring together a company's image.

Let Total Uniform Solutions help you to create a memorable brand image for your company.

Total Uniform Solutions designs, procures, and manufactures ready-made and custom uniforms for businesses across a range of industries including corporate, retail, hospitality, health and medical, construction, mining and logistics, and education. We have showrooms located in Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. We have developed a reputation for quality, affordability and timeliness of delivery.

Get in contact today and the team here at Total Uniform Solutions will help guide you through the process. Our style experts have retail, styling, and fashion experience, and can help you create a unique uniform program to elevate your brand, engage your staff and refresh your corporate look for the next few years

For more information, or to schedule a Uniform Style Consultation, please call us on 1300 86 43 676 or email us on


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