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Our mission statement, how we are helping, and what our clients can do

Sustainability Mission Statement


Total Uniform Solutions (TUS) is committed to continual progress in Ethical and Sustainable practices. We create high quality uniforms that are built to last, and want these to have the lowest impact possible.


Throughout this process, we aim to collaborate with industry peers to make real change within the industry – moving towards circularity, and being fully transparent while doing so. By informing consumers through publishing our goals, research projects, and progress snapshots, we aim to inspire others to increase transparency and work towards a better future. 

TUS has formed our Social Responsibility actions under the guidance of The Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact, and have aligned our Social Responsibility actions with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


The three SDGs of focus are:

Decent Work & Economic Growth

The ILO definition of Decent Work can be found here. TUS aims to work with key manufacturers to develop their processes and environments to meet or exceed standards laid out in Sedex SMETA audits, which in turn improves working environments and remuneration. 

Responsible Consumption & Production

TUS actions specifically align with 12.5 by reducing waste generation through prevention, reduction within our pre-consumer supply chain, and offering recycling and reuse options through our recycling program. Inline with 12.6, we are working to adopt sustainable practices, and report on sustainability targets.

Partnerships For The Goals

The other SDGs can only be realised with strong partnerships and cooperation. TUS is actively in partnerships, and open to partnerships to develop the build upon these sustainability principles and values, to work towards shared industry goals. Examples of our partnerships include working with factories to increase their ethical standards, and partnering with industry leaders to develop the textile recycling and circular economy in Australia.

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