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16 questions you should be asking when selecting your uniform supplier

  1. What is the image you want to project with your new corporate apparel?

  2. Will the garments you’ve chosen hold up against daily wear? Are they made of long-lasting fabrics and are the garments manufactured in a way that they retain their quality with daily wear?

  3. Will these same styles, in the same fabrics and colours be available for at least 3 years?

  4. Do they offer any in-house embellishment services? How extensive is the offer? Are they outsourcing to another company and charging you higher rates?

  5. If an employee damages a garment, or you hire a new employee, will they receive exactly the same style and colour? What is the process for reordering one-offs?

  6. Do you have a warehousing option to hold stock? What is your maximum guaranteed delivery time?

  7. How and where do you source your products? What does your supply chain look like, and what guarantees can you give me you can deliver? What kind of relationships do you have with your suppliers and manufacturers?

  8. How long have they been in business?

  9. Do they have a shop-front or showroom you can visit, or are they only online?

  10. Do they specialise in the industry-specific garments you need?

  11. How accessible are they? When you need a question answered or need to place an order, will you get a quick response? Will you have a dedicated Account Manager so you have one point of contact?

  12. Do they have experience implementing a program similar to yours? What type of clients do they cater to? Are they a similar size, industry or have comparable requirements? Do they have case studies and testimonials to give you some insight into what it’s like to work with them?

  13. Do you want a distributor who can put together a program from multi-manufacturers to offer you the most extensive choices (and value) across uniforms, merchandise and display signage, or do you want to work with individual companies that specialise in one thing?

  14. Can they provide you a visual of what the uniform embellishment will look like?

  15. What technology / tools do they use in their business to manage the logistics, mitigate risk and streamline processes?

  16. How would they handle a nation-wide rebrand program?


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