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5 Reasons Why Uniforms Should be a Priority

Branded corporate uniforms are used as a strategic tool to make some of the world’s biggest brands instantly recognisable. Think Apple Store, Starbucks, McDonalds and Qantas. Uniforms can be highly effective if you want the public to pay attention to your people and your brand.

Many companies are swapping the “civvies” for branded clothing, it’s making a big impact to their business, bottom line and staff morale. If you’re still flying under the radar when it comes to company uniforms, check out these 5 ways you could be missing a BIG opportunity.

1. Free exposure

Are you spending a lot of money on advertising to promote your business? Think of uniforms as complementary to that. It might just be as simple as embroidering your logo on your uniform, and if it’s done in a stylish and comfortable way your employees will be proud to wear it and that will show in their performance. Your uniform will also be working hard for you when your employees clock off too. Whether they are off to the shops after work, out for lunch, or catching public transport into work wearing their uniform – your brand is being exposed to more people. Adopt uniforms and your staff become walking billboards!

2. Save time and money

While the initial outlay of a company uniform can be costly, ultimately there are many benefits. Ordering in bulk by planning out the entire years’ worth of uniforms for your team (including seasonal changes) can bring significant savings. Employees appreciate wearing a stylish uniform as it saves them time and money having to buy suitable workwear themselves. For those who are a bit indecisive, it can also save lots of time working out what to wear each day! Corporate uniforms are all about eliminating the hassle and bringing a consistent, and impactful, look to your brand.

3. A sense of team

If you want to foster team spirit, working as a team and unity across the various divisions of your business, then uniforms can deliver this for you. Uniforms make people subconsciously feel like they belong. When employees are wearing your company uniform, they are representing the company, and it makes them act in a way synonymous with your company values – building loyalty, camaraderie and can lead to better performance.

4. Building your brand

Coordinated company uniforms signal a professional and well-managed organisation and instantly builds trust and customer confidence. Encourage your employees to continue their awesome service, and go out of their way to help people where they can, when they are on the way home – you never know, they might recognise the brand and you might just come across a new client! Acting in a way that will make the company look its best when your employees are wearing the uniform will make a big difference to your brand reputation.

5. Gain positive attention

Uniforms have historically been used to aid identification and recognise hierarchies in organisational systems. Think about it, you intuitively know the difference between a policeman, a naval officer and a firefighter, right? Your company uniforms will help customers instantly recognise a member of your team as soon as they see them. Adopting a branded uniform can help you stand out from the crowd, and in today’s crowded marketplace gaining positive attention from customers can only be a good thing!

Find your Signature Style

Check out our free tips on how to create your own Signature style by downloading our Signature Style Worksheet. If you are thinking of transitioning over from plain clothes to a corporate uniform, the team at Total Uniform Solutions can help streamline the process. Give us a call today on 1300 86 43 676 or email us on


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