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6 Corporate Uniform Trends in 2018/19

What jumps to your mind when you think of clothing for your company – whether it’s for trade shows, corporate events, client gifts, staff uniforms or to sell and build brand awareness? If it's the same polo shirts that you've always ordered, it's probably time for a change.

Before refreshing your company’s corporate image, consider these 6 corporate apparel trends that are defining company clothing promotions in 2018/19.

1. Focus on styles you staff, clients or customers actually want to wear

Uniforms and corporate apparel has changed since the hideous outfits you HAD to wear to work. Nowadays, employees are wearing their corporate apparel outside of the workplace such as corporate events, after-hours functions, trade shows, networking events and social meetings after work. On the other hand, some workplaces require particular fabrics or cuts that will make actually doing the work more comfortable. Get it wrong and some garment choices can restrict movement, cause overheating, be difficult to launder or wear and tear more rapidly than others.

Talk to your employees about what types of clothing fit into their lifestyle and work environment. Rather than pushing conservatively branded garments onto your employees, give them items they perceive as cool and may value wearing in their daily lives.

2. Customised branded details

There are ways to add your brand to an item of clothing that isn’t just a logo slapped on it.  2018/19 is seeing a number of companies thinking a bit differently about how their branding can extend into the garment in a creative way.

What about adding a custom pocket to an existing t-shirt, featuring a unique, branded print or pattern? Or you could alter a button-up shirt to feature a custom contrasting cuff that aligns with your brand? Maybe custom buttons could add a level of detail that changes the entire look of the garment. The opportunities to do something different with your corporate apparel through customisation is almost limitless.

3. Retail inspired designs

Think about items of clothing that your employees actually want to wear and you might discover a disconnect with what your company is offering. Make the corporate apparel desirable by choosing classically stylish items – such as a cool puffer vest you can layer over a striped tee for cooler weather, fashion-forward chinos,  or high-quality headwear they’ll want to wear again and again.

One thing you’ll notice about brands that pull off this strategy well, is the corporate logo is subtly applied and not plonked on every single item in the same way. Go even further and think about how custom detailing and corporate logo embellishment – whether it be embroidered or printed direct to the garment – could work for you.

4. Approachable and relatable

Thankfully, corporate apparel is no longer stuffy, formal or boring. Companies in 2018/19 are embracing comfort, practicality and style and leading with a “smart casual” look. Workplace culture is a hot topic these days and when you have a good understanding of your staff and your customers, you will be able to identify what tone you want to communicate with your corporate apparel. If your customers typically dress in casual attire, do you really need your staff in suit and tie?

5. Don’t be afraid to make a statement

Your corporate apparel is a great opportunity to be memorable and impactful. When rebranding, or introducing a new corporate uniform, you may want to introduce a statement piece that strongly represents the brand in a fun, bold and eye-catching way. Some companies use this statement piece for special events or social occasions, and others introduce a bold accent in a well chosen accessory. There are so many options, have some fun with it!

6. Get inspired by the capsule wardrobe trend

The capsule wardrobe trend has been increasing in popularity in recent years, and describes a collection of a few essential items of clothing that don’t go out of fashion, and which can be easily paired with a range of other items to create different looks. Uniforms in 2018/19 will give employees the flexibility to mix and match between a few complimentary pieces to create a consistent, yet varied look for each day of the week. If variety and individuality is important to your brand, this approach would work well for your company.

If your uniform needs a makeover, book a Signature Styling Session with one of our experienced team today.


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