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Planning a Rebrand or Venue Refurb? Don’t Forget Your Uniform

In a bid to match expectations and lure fresh clientele, hospitality venues are investing in rebrands, refurbishments or new fit-outs to refresh the experience or improve efficiencies.

But often the focus is solely on the interior design and architecture and not on their people.

Your people play an important role in creating a certain experience – from service delivery, creating authentic and memorable experiences to how they look. Uniforms play a key role to integrate your staff into your new venue environment and can have a strong impact on the way your overall brand is experienced and perceived.

Uniforms are a highly effective branding ingredient and can express your brand – without words. Your refurbishment and your uniform should – if you’re doing it right – align with your brand.

Voco Hotel | Custom uniforms for 250+ staff across 7 departments
Like your refurbishment, a great uniform needs to stay relevant over time.

The intangible benefits of uniforms?

First, let’s clarify why uniforms are important in a hospitality setting. Well-designed uniforms can:

  • make it easier for your staff to stand out in the crowd, which speeds up customer service response time.

  • be used as an extension of your brand and interior design, adding to the venue’s ambiance.

  • instil a sense of pride within your team, which has been proven to positively impact culture.

  • include custom name badges to give a more personalised experience.

  • have specific, and practical, design features that help your staff do their job more efficiently.

The cohesion between people and place

Interior designers will tell you, the way you design the space – the decisions made with theming, lighting, furnishings and space planning contribute to the atmosphere you want to create. There are so many opportunities to amplify the drama, ambiance, theming, colour palette and textures of your interior space through your team uniforms.

Martha’s Table | Custom aprons – in collaboration with the venue’s interior designers

Collaboration is key

To ensure you are getting maximum value for money, we recommend you engage your uniform provider early in the project.

Whether you are undertaking a simple update, or a complete rebrand, early collaboration with your uniform provider will allow room for customisation and creativity that is more difficult to achieve when faced with last-minute deadlines.

From concept to completion, a member of our team will be actively involved in your project and its success.

Managing the fluctuations of uniform supply

T.U.S have built a strong reputation in the hospitality industry for not only delivering high quality and creative custom uniforms, but we are also innovating the way large uniform programs are managed.

Our B2BHub uniform management platform manages uniform expenditure, streamlines efficiencies, saves time and money and empowers your new staff to order their uniforms without the risk.

If a large scale uniform roll-out is in the pipeline for 2020, get in touch to request a demo of this powerful new technology. Our system is in a class above standard online ordering portals.

But we don’t just do uniforms. T.U.S have worked hard to build a service model that puts convenience at the heart of what we do. That’s why we offer uniform customisation, branded merchandise and event signage. In-house embellishment capabilities, and bespoke warehousing and logistics, means you only ever have one person to speak to. No more running from supplier to supplier!

Our bespoke warehousing and logistics solutions such as Pick Pack Post, means warehoused stock is typically dispatched within 24 hours of being ordered.

New fit-outs are a great way to transform a space, update the experience and express your brand personality to your patrons. Leverage the investment in your physical space, and consider how your people in uniform can amplify this through the way they are presented.

We’d love to help you create a unique look that lasts – so get in touch if you want to chat with one of our hospitality uniform specialists.


For more information on our hospitality capability, visit


Garold Rafa
Garold Rafa
Apr 09

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Garold Rafa
Garold Rafa
Apr 09

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