Why Promotional Products Need to Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Updated: May 13, 2020

Out of sight, out of mind. This old saying rings true when it comes to your brand awareness. If your brand isn't top of mind for your customers, chances are you are missing out of opportunities to increase revenue and get referrals.

We've all been given a promotional item with a company logo on it before, and some of these items even get used on a daily basis. That kind of brand placement is hard to buy!

Here, we'll discuss a few of the top reasons why promotional products needs to be considered in your marketing strategy and how your business can benefit.

Create lasting awareness.

It's a proven fact that the majority of people recall the name of a company who gave them a promotional product. The best promo products are highly useful, easily fit into the life of the recipient, and are a constant reminder of your company.

The law of reciprocity.

It's considered by many to be the most powerful law of human nature. Basically, it states that, “If you do something nice for me I'll do something nice for you". This also applies to giving gifts and promotional items that are valued by the recipient. That's why a lot of companies using promotional items well are seeing increased brand loyalty, improved customer relations and increased sales!

Increase brand exposure.

Think about it, your customers are at work for about 8 hours everyday. They are a captive audience if you can strategically place a branded product into their hands during that time. Someone's office desk is considered to be the most valuable advertising space in the world! A well positioned promo item is like a private billboard for your ideal customer.

Be useful and relevant.

By understanding your customer base, you will have insight into what makes them tick. Adding a personal dimension to your promotions can have a multiplying effect – whether you choose to localise or personalise your branding message. Leverage perceived value and desirability to a particular audience in the same way the big brands do, and you'll see some significant results.

Leverage the perceived cost.

Most people have no understanding of what a promotional item costs, and often over-estimate their assumptions about cost based on the perceived value of the item received. Get clever with your choice of promo gift and source quality, relevant items that have a strong desirability for the recipient. Additionally, if there is perceived value placed on an item, it's more likely they will want to hold onto it and use it – further increasing your brand exposure!

Gift with purchase.

Another idea is to include a gift with purchase instead of using discounts. The branded-gift item should be worth less to you than a proposed monetary discount, but should be perceived to be worth more to the customer. By giving away something "cool", and desirable you also have an opportunity to stand out among competitors by offering something they're not.

promotional merchandise for anytime fitness
Promotional Items for Anytime Fitness member packs

Three dimensional advertising.

We live in such a digital world, filled with email and impersonal online automation. But humans are naturally tactile beings and still love something they can touch, hold and feel. And we also LOVE free stuff. Creating a promotional item that is relevant, thoughtful and has a high perceived value goes a long way to increase brand awareness.

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons you should be including promotional products. If you are just getting started using promo gifts, check out our blog article "6 Things to Consider When Planning the Perfect Corporate Gift" and definitely check out "Growing Your Brand With Corporate Gifting (and Calculating ROI)" to learn more about the financial benefits of using brand merchandise.

It's all about creating a memorable experience and keeping your brand top of mind. Online marketing is certainly the way of the future, however unconventional marketing strategies shouldn’t be overlooked. Using promotional merchandise is one such strategy.

If you want to discuss using promotional merchandise in your business, we'd love to chat. Email hello@uniform.com.au, fill out the enquiry form, or call 1300UNIFORM to talk to a sales consultant.